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 Staff Application Guidelines.

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Hellz Rizer

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PostSubject: Staff Application Guidelines.   Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:27 pm

I go by the following to choose who gets staff position:
1. How long you have been a member of this clan
2. How good of a member you have been to this clan
3. How many people you have recruited
4. How active you have been on the forums
5. How much of a pker are you?
6. What could you bring into this clan?
7. How long have you been playing the server you was recruited from?
8. If I asked you to attack a fellow member would you?

Also on question 3 if you have recruited anyone, name who you recruited.

All of these guidelines show how much you care about this clan. If you're just a part of this clan and don't really care wat goes on, you WILL NOT get staff position.
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Staff Application Guidelines.
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